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Our CoViD-19 Procedures

We take the safety of our guests and staff very seriously and have attempted to put in place a broad array of procedures to protect anyone entering the Wheeldale, to the best of our ability. Whilst we're sure you'll appreciate that no system of measures can be 100% effective, we have consulted with Trade bodies, the NHS and Government to ensure we follow the best practices laid down by experts regarding the Coronavirus and the prevention of its spread.

Guest Bedroom Risk Assessment

Click here to download our CoVid-19 Guest Bedroom Risk Assessment

Breakfast Room Risk Assessment

Click here to download our CoVid-19 Breakfast Room Risk Assessment

Laundry Procedures

All sheets, towels, pillowcases and duvet covers are washed at 75 degrees by an extenral laundry service whose staff have been trained to follow the correct CoViD-19 procedures.

On arrival and during your stay

We are advising all guests to take caution and stay alert during their stay here at the Wheeldale and to please adhere to the following Procedures:-

Upon arrival when exiting your vehicle, if people are already queueing to be checked-in, please wait in your vehicle until it is safe to enter the property.

We ask guests to sanitise their hands upon entering the property. The hand sanitiser can be found on the right, fixed to the wall as you enter.

At check-in, we will reduce face-to-face contact by ensuring our reception desk glass screen is closed during any interactions with guests. Your room keys will be passed through accordingly.

When walking to the room please ensure that if anyone is coming down the stairs, that you leave sufficient space for them to pass-by in a safe manner and at a safe distance.

If you are leaving the room and notice another guest approaching and there is the possibility of close contact, please go back inside the room and wait until it is safe re-enter the public area or corridor.

If you start showing symptoms of CoViD-19 please let a member of staff know immediately to help minimise the risk of disease-spread throughtout the hotel.